Name Trauma (help me plz)

So I’m a fool… because I only just now realized that my bog name “A Little Vegan” is extreeemely similar to another, vastly more established and successful blog called “I’m a Little Vegan”.   :l

So now I’m stuck with the internal struggle of wondering if I should cut ties with my blag name and come up with a new one. This is sucky for multiple reasons…
1. I like my name and I think it’s cute
2. It took all the creative pun-making energy in my body and soul to come up with it but lolz at me I’m not original lol.
3. I’m not sure that I know how to/if I can change my blog’s name/domain name.
4. If I don’t change it I run the risk of being thought of as a plagiarist or just a general douche if people think I’m attempting to ride the other blogs coat-tails or there’s the possibility that if someone were to try to look me up, they’d find the other blog first and I’d have a harder time gaining readers.

Not to mention that I am a bit attached to the name already. I thought that it was cute and unique and fit since I am vegan and in fact little (I’m 4′ 11″). I guess I’ll just have to do some brainstorming to try to come up with a new name :/

If anyone reading this has any advice or name ideas I’d love to hear them in comments!


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