You’re Vegan? What do you eat??

Sometimes I feel like I should make and carry around an informative pamphlet about “what I eat”. It’s usually the first or second question I get asked anytime someone finds out I’m vegan. I’m often stumped for a second, not for lack of ideas to tell them, but because I eat A LOT of things and it’s such a silly question to me. So maybe from now on I can just refer them to this blog post.

Here are *some* of my favorites of the many, many things I eat.


  • Kashi with soymilk
  • Bagel with mashed avocado and mayo (if I’m being fancy I’ll add vegan bacon)
  • Raison bagel with vegan butter
  • vegan pancakes
  • coffee (duh) with soymilk and maple syrup


  • burrito bowl with tofu
  • veggie burger with bbq sauce and avocado
  • bagel with vegan cream cheese
  • “oriental” flavor ramen with tofu


  • ramen noodles with peanut sauce and veggies
  • black bean burger with whatever
  • vegan amy’s pizza (if they were on sale)
  • veggie sushi
  • English muffin with smoked tofu, spinach, and bbq sauce
  • grilled not-cheese with tomato and basil


  • fruit
  • leftovers
  • to be honest I don’t eat snack often, usually just another entire meal


  • cashew or coconut ice cream
  • oreos
  • thin mintsss whaaaat (just found out those are vegan)

This is just a short list of quick meals off the top of my head but hopefully it gives a decent general picture.



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