Valentine’s Day (week)

v-day-dinner-pic-3Valentine’s Day was last week and I had super great 3-day long celebration of it. I know that it’s kind of just a made up holiday so that businesses can make more money but I like it anyway!

This year my Roommate and I hosted our first Galentine’s Day party and it was a blast! I was just sitting in a lecture class of mine one day around end of January and the idea popped into my head and so I immediately texted my Roommate Maddie and made an Facebook event haha.

To decorate, I just went nuts in the dollar store, to the point that it was almost embarrassing to checkout. Balloon bouquets, faux flowers, little lolly pops and the whole dollar store nine-yards. For the party I made little vegan spongecake cup cakes and they didn’t quite turn out how I’d planned/hoped but people still like them. There about 11 of us at the party, just a nice little gathering of friends and it was great. PLUS it was a white elephant party too so we all got little gift; I got a balloon animal set lol!

The next day was actual V-day and my boyfriend and I exchanged gifts first thing in the morning because he was so excited. I’m normally the kind of person who “wins” at gift giving but this time he totally had me beat. He got me a deep fryer! haha, people don’t expect me to be the kind pf person who would want one since I’m vegan and they assume I try to pay attention to health but no… that is not the case x) lol. I got him some fancy cigars and matching underwear for us… So I guess we both helped eachother get closer to an early death lolz at us.

We were busy that night with rehearsals so we just stayed in that night and went to dinner the next day. We went to a restaurant called Venti’s and it was delicious. I had a thai peanut rice bowl with garlic sesame tofu and a craft raspberry beer. My boyfriend, who isn’t vegan, had truffle Mac n’ cheese with bacon (and no beer because haha he’s a minor).

It was a super fun week though, I know maybe a galentine’s post may have been more useful before the fact to lend ideas or inspiration but oh well, I’m starting now, hope you like the low quality pics!


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